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The first in the USSR and the only in the Russian Federation scientific and clinical institution entirely specializing in diseases of the colon, rectum, anus, pelvic organs, and perineum.

A full range of methods for the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases.

137 specialists with higher education and certificates in various medical specialties (including 80 doctors and 57 researchers), 1 academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 4 professors, 14 doctors of medical sciences, 52 candidates of medical sciences.

More than 10,000 patients are treated per year.

Providing a full range of specialized diagnostic, advisory and curative medical services.
Providing medical services of complex examination of patients.
Conducting a consultation with the participation of leading specialists and the faculty of our Center, based on the results of the examination.
Creating a comfortable examination environment.
Providing medical services to citizens of foreign countries and stateless persons.
Comfortable accommodation, high level of service
High-end equipment of the expert class


  • Consultations (initial and repeated) with specialists: coloproctologists, oncologists, and gastroenterologists. Doctor-specialists, including candidates and doctors of medical sciences with extensive experience of clinical work, perform an initial examination. According to the results of the examination, a consultation with the participation of professors of our Center may take place. Consultations with related specialists: therapist, cardiologist, urologist, gynecologist, and genetic specialist, are also available.
  • Endoscopic diagnostics using the latest endoscopic equipment with wide-angle viewing functions, as well as performing a study with examination in different light spectra with an assessment of the mucosal pattern of the detected formations, which is close in value to a histological study.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography (MRI, CT), using the latest equipment, the transcription of the studies is performed by specialists trained to diagnose complex coloproctological diseases.
  • Functional diagnostics, with a wide range of the most modern methods of studying the functional capabilities of the rectal and intestinal locking apparatus, as well as therapeutic conservative measures that allow non-surgical correction of such disorders as anal sphincter incontinence, pelvic bottom muscle dyssynergia, and rectal emptying disfunction.
  • Ultrasound diagnostics with transrectal examination, with the use of 3D equipment, as well as various contrast methods that allow to perform highly informative diagnostics.
  • X-ray examinations, with the use of special contrast techniques developed in our Center, which allow performing X-ray diagnostics of specific pathological changes.
  • Laboratory tests with a wide range of tests performed.
  • Microbiological laboratory, including the methods of PCR (polymerase chain reaction), ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay), and the methods for the diagnosis of specific intestinal flora (Clostridium difficile infection, etc.).
  • Genetic laboratory that performs the diagnosis of all known hereditary intestinal diseases.
  • Pathomorphological laboratory that carries out studies of the removed material, including immunohistochemical studies, as well as consultation by highly specialized pathologists of our Center on the provided histological specimens.


Endoscopic examination methods can be uncomfortable for a patient; often the fears of upcoming endoscopic procedures create insurmountable barriers that do not allow patients to undergo the most valuable examination methods.

To make colonoscopy and gastroscopy procedures more comfortable in the conditions of the RNMRC of coloproctology of the MH of Russia, such examinations can be performed under anesthesia.

After the initial consultation and consultation with a therapist in order to exclude contraindications to performing this examination, a convenient time to perform this procedure will be agreed with you. Please note that the preparation is carried out on the eve of the procedure at home. On the day of the examination under anesthesia, you will be hospitalized as part of a day hospital.

After performing the procedures, you will be in a day hospital, and after a conversation with your doctor, you may leave the clinic.

On the base of the RNMRC of coloproctology of the Ministry of Health of Russia, there are the reference centers, where you can get an expert assessment of the conducted high-level studies (second opinion): Reference Center for Molecular Genetic Research Methods Reference Center for Pathomorphological and Immunohistochemical Research Methods Reference Center for Radiation Research Methods

Objectives and Functions

  • Consultations on the interpretation and description of the results of pathomorphological, immunohistochemical, molecular genetic and radiation studies of malignant neoplasms.
  • Pathomorphological, immunohistochemical, molecular-genetic, and radiation studies for the purpose of verifying the diagnosis and personalized choice of strategies and tactics for the treatment of oncological diseases.
  • Formation and presentation of expert medical opinions based on the results of pathomorphological, immunohistochemical, molecular genetic and radiation studies.